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Canadians Studying Abroad

Repatriation Coordinator

The role of the Repatriation Coordinator is to provide support and guidance to Canadians studying/practicing medicine outside of Manitoba who wish to return to Manitoba for training and practice opportunities.

The Repatriation Coordinator will navigate medical students/physicians through the steps involved in returning to Manitoba for such things as applying for postgraduate training, applying for electives, applying for registration with governing bodies, etc.

Please contact the Repatriation Coordinator for more information.

Contact Information
Paula Healy
Repatriation Coordinator
Room 260, Brodie Centre
727 McDermot Aveue
Winnipeg, Manitoba  R3E 3P5
Tel:  (204) 789-3416

Clinical Programs Available at the University of Manitoba for Medical Students

Medical students attending medical school outside of the province of Manitoba are welcome to apply to the Summer Early Exposure Program and for a clinical elective at the University of Manitoba.

1. Summer Early Exposure Program:

The University of Manitoba offers a Summer Early Exposure program to Pre-Clerkship medical students who have successfully completed Year I or Year II of the medical degree program. The Summer Early Exposure program provides the medical student with an opportunity to explore clinical experiences.

Visiting Pre-Clerkship medical students interested in participating in the Summer Early Exposure Program can obtain and application form and detailed information about the program on the U of M website

2. Clinical Elective Program:

The University of Manitoba, Faculty of Medicine, Undergraduate Medical Education Office, accepts a limited number of visiting medical students who are enrolled in medical schools other than the University of Manitoba for short periods of elective study.

Students must be registered or entering their final clerkship year at the time of the elective. An application form and more information about the process can be obtained from the University of Manitoba's website.

The Electives Program Administrator must receive applications four (4) months prior to the requested start date of the elective. Applications from a visiting student will not be accepted more than nine (9) months prior to the start of the elective. It is important to note that partial applications will not be processed.