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Regional Health Authorities

The decision to regionalize the operation and administration of health in Manitoba was a major change in the way that health care is planned and delivered. In this model, the regional health authorities are responsible within the context of broad provincial policy direction, for assessing and prioritizing needs and health goals, and developing and managing an integrated approach to their own health care system.

The Regional Health Authorities Act legislation came into force in 1997. It sets out the conditions under which the RHAs are incorporated, as well as defining duties and responsibilities of the RHAs and the Minister of Health. Both parties are responsible for policy, assessment of health status and ensuring effective health planning and delivery.

Below is a map of Manitoba showing the Regional Health Authority areas. Click on any of the links below to learn more about practicing medicine in one those regions. Please scroll down to view the names of the recruiters/contacts for each RHA.

Interlake-Eastern RHA Winnipeg Regional Health Authority Prairie Mountain Health Region Churchill Health Centre Northern Health Region Southern Region

Regional Health Authorities (RHAs):

Other Areas:

RHA Recruiters List

RHA Recruiter Phone Number
Prairie Mountain Health Michelle Clark 1-204-759-4516
Prairie Mountain Health Lori Pakulak
Prairie Mountain Health Jocelyn Beever 1-204-578-4215
Southern Health-Santé Sud Lorri Beer 1-204-424-6082
Southern Health-Santé Sud Annette Dacquay 1-204-248-7259
Interlake-Eastern Chris Pona 1-204-642-4524
Northern Health Region Shirley Streit
West Medical Campus
Northern Health Region Courtney McKay
East Medical Campus
Winnipeg-Churchill Tamara Horbatiuk 1-204-926-8037
Winnipeg-Churchill Marie Butler 1-204-926-7142
Conseil communauté en santé du Manitoba Lise Voyer 1-204-235-3294
NMU Program Areas Kathy Harlos,
Northern Medical Unit