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Play in Manitoba

If you are looking for a location that delivers more than just outstanding career opportunities, a move to Manitoba will let you achieve just the right balance of work and play.

Manitoba offers a wide range of cultural and entertainment attractions for you and your family to enjoy. Choose from classical music and opera, high quality theatre, world-class art galleries, or a few fascinating hours in one of the province's many museums.

In rural Manitoba, festivals are held in many of our smaller communities - from Canada's National Ukrainian Festival in Dauphin and the Morris Stampede rodeo to the Icelandic Festival in Gimli and the Trappers' Festival in The Pas. Winnipeggers, too, are always ready for fun, whether at the Folklorama (Canada's largest multicultural celebration), the Red River Exhibition or St. Boniface's Festival du Voyageur.

Adventure or serenity - you'll find it in Manitoba

Those seeking peace and serenity, or rugged outdoor adventure, will find it all in Manitoba's many parks and wilderness areas. Thousands of acres of pristine forest, lakes and rivers await the avid camper, canoeist, hiker, angler and cross-country or alpine skier. Some of the smoothest beaches on the continent are also here, as are cottages on clear blue lakes - just an hour's drive from Winnipeg.

Ten Great Reasons why you should pursue your career in Manitoba

  1. The cost of living in Manitoba is exceptional - Manitoba's housing prices are among the lowest in Canada and Manitobans pay among the lowest rates for auto insurance, electricity and food.
  2. Supported by two teaching hospitals, the province boasts a variety of research facilities including the only Level 4 laboratory in Canada as well as the National Research Council's Institute for Biodiagnostics. More than 100 companies in Manitoba now produce health care products.
  3. Manitoba is located at the northern end of the mid-continental trade corridor, as well as at the junction of Canada's east-west transportation system.
  4. Manitoba's spectacular geography provides a wide range of outdoor activities, whether you are seeking adventure or a quiet spot to relax.
  5. Winnipeg, Manitoba's capital city, is a major economic and cultural centre for the prairie region of Canada, with more arts, festivals, cultural and entertainment choices than many larger cosmopolitan cities.
  6. Communities and families are a central element in our friendly lifestyle. This is reflected in a myriad of activities available to our young people.
  7. People from over 200 different ethnic communities make their home in Manitoba. Year-round celebrations across the province honour our various cultures and help build strong communities with strong respect for one another's customs and traditions.
  8. Manitoba is home to a true four-season climate. Summer days are long and winter days are short. Spring and autumn are times of rapid and dramatic change.
  9. Manitoba's public school system is first-rate and the province's five universities and seven colleges and technical training centres offer your children an opportunity to study and learn without leaving the province.
  10. Manitoba's performing arts groups are ranked among the world's best, including the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra and the Manitoba Theatre Centre.
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