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Family Practitioners

Manitoba offers diverse opportunities for all Family Practitioners. Whether you are looking for a community practice, hospital practice or a combination of both, we have the right opportunity for you. Please visit our Manitoba Health Careers page for current listings.

If your training was completed outside of Canada requirements for registration varies from province to province. For more information please click here.

South African Family Practice physician moves to Manitoba!

South Africa was home to Dr. Carine Minders where she also trained and practiced Family medicine along-side her father Dr. Louis Minders. Carine, with her parents decided to move to Canada just over a year ago. “Canada is truly an amazing country with multiple different cultures and nationalities working towards a common goal”. Dr. Minders says it was easy to embrace Canada as her new home because she found there were no cultural barriers and English was her first language.

Dr. Minders chose Manitoba because she knew another South African doctor working in Brandon. “I knew very little about the different provinces in Canada, but after living here for just over a year now, I would choose Manitoba again!” Dr. Minders looks forward to her younger brother relocating to Canada later this year.

Dr. Minders currently works as a full time Hospitalist at Brandon Regional Health Centre and also works some shifts in the ER. Dr. Minders looks forward to starting a new Trans Health clinic in Brandon this spring. “I cannot say enough good things about the hospital and I consider all the people there as my new and opted extended family. There is a special atmosphere of camaraderie when you walk through the doors in the morning and I am happy to be at work every day.”

“I'm extremely proud to be part of such a wonderful health system. I am able to practice first class evidence based medicine to all people regardless of their financial background. I can focus on providing the best health care for each and every patient without first checking if their health care plan allows me to do so. I am proud that we can also practice a lot of preventative care and we have proper screening guidelines. I think family practice in Canada has allowed me to do what I truly believe in: Holistic patient care.” “Manitoba has a reputation for being the friendliest province, and I can testify to that as being fact.”