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Clinical Programs available for Visiting Medical Students

Medical students attending a medical school outside of the province of Manitoba are welcome to apply to the Home for the Summer Program and for clinical electives at the College of Medicine.

  1. Home for the summer Program:
    The Home for the summer program is available for pre-clerkship medical students who have successfully completed Year I or Year II of a medical degree program. This program provides the medical student with an opportunity to explore clinical experiences during the months of June, July and August.

    Medical students interested in participating in the Home for the Summer program can contact the repatriation coordinator at

  2. Clinical Elective Program:
    The University of Manitoba, College of Medicine, Undergraduate Medical Education Office, accepts a limited number of visiting medical students who are enrolled in medical schools other than the University of Manitoba for short periods of elective study. Students must be registered or entering their final clerkship year at the time of the elective.

    An application form and more information about the process is available on the College of Medicine’s website.