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Practicing in Manitoba

Manitoba is a unique, rewarding and sometimes challenging province with diverse opportunities for healthcare practitioners.

Whether you’re looking for an urban centre, remote northern communities or rural cities or towns, Manitoba can fit your lifestyle.

Both Winnipeg and Brandon boast large tertiary and trauma centres alongside private and family practice clinics, while many smaller communities across Manitoba provide primary and tertiary care for large geographical areas which surround them.

We also offer many specialized treatment areas and medical centres:

Birthing and Women’s Health
Manitoba Health is currently developing its birth services offering. Birth centres provide choice and alternate methods of birth including free-standing, adjacent to hospital, and midwifery-led ‘home-from-home’ units.

A free-standing birth centre is now open in Winnipeg, the first of its kind outside of Quebec. The centre is a collaborative effort between the Women’s Health Clinic and the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, supported by Manitoba Health.

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The George and Faye Yee Centre for Healthcare Innovation provides a range of consultation and research services from a team of widely recognized experts and leaders in multiple fields. They work with patients, healthcare leaders, clinicians, researchers and policy makers with the vision of training physicians and students in new methods of working together for the benefit of the patient. The Centre brings a new level of innovation through teamwork to the field of medicine.

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Manitoba Bone Density Program
Manitoba has a new focus on an old disease - osteoporosis. With great advances in our knowledge of the risk factors of osteoporosis and fracture, new testing methods and treatments have led to a complete philosophical transformation of our approach to the disease.

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The Blueprint
As the baby boom generation continues to age into retirement, Manitoba is anticipating a change in health care needs. The Blueprint was developed by Manitoba Health and Healthy Living and Seniors in collaboration with key stakeholders such as provincial committees, government departments, regional health authorities, private agencies, community groups and health care providers.

The five-year plan focuses on matching the needs of individuals and their caregivers with local supports to help avoid unnecessary loss of independence and quality of life through premature admission to PCHs and hospitals. It will also build and support a more sustainable health care system. Change is critical to deliver care and services that improve the lives of Manitoba seniors and other with chronic illnesses and disabilities.

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The new IN SIXTY patient journey initiative will improve the experience for patients as they transition between the variety of service providers involved in cancer testing, diagnosis and patient care Offices will be staffed by three full-time and one part-time nurse navigators, a psychosocial oncology clinician, two clerical support staff and a family physician with a specialty in oncology.

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