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Cost of Living

The good life - at a price you can afford

Manitoba offers you a cost of living that allows you to live better for less. Homes, auto insurance, electricity, university or college tuition - all are available in Manitoba at extremely low prices.

Annual Personal Living Costs and Taxes

Single earner family of four earning $40,000*

Newfoundland and Labrador 12,753
Prince Edward Island 12,813
Nova Scotia 14,959
New Brunswick 14,590
Quebec 13,933
Ontario 18,757
Manitoba 10,553
Saskatchewan 12,462
Alberta 13,234
British Columbia 17,012

Source: Manitoba Budget 2003

*Includes income tax, retail sales and gasoline taxes, health premiums, child benefits, mortgage costs, auto insurance, telephone service, electricity, heating and property taxes.

While average income in Manitoba is near the national mid-point, the province's low housing prices mean a significantly larger proportion of the population can buy their own home. In Winnipeg, 44 percent of families can afford their own home.

Average Housing Costs by Province

Newfoundland and Labrador 76,283
Prince Edward Island 100,657
Nova Scotia 101,515
New Brunswick 86,538
Quebec 110,668
Ontario 199,884
Manitoba 97,670
Saskatchewan 93,065
Alberta 159,698
British Columbia 230,645

Source: Statistics Canada, Census of Population

Last modified July 9, 2021

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