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The Manitoba Healthcare Providers Network website is a portal connecting healthcare providers with information and opportunities for those pursuing a career in health care in the province of Manitoba.

Website Coordinator:

Health Workforce Secretariat:

Chantelle Foster
Manitoba Health, Healthy Living and Seniors
Health Workforce Secretariat
Recruitment & Medical Staff Administration
Phone: (204) 786-7179

Paula Healy
Physician Repatriation Coordinator
Health Workforce Secretariat
College of Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences
University of Manitoba
Phone: (204) 789-3416

Healthcare Provider Recruiters:

Health Organization Physician Recruiters Nursing & Allied Health Recruiters
Northern Health Region Marie MacPhail
Medical Services, Supervisor & Recruiter
Tel: 204-788-1569
Holly Roussen
Recruitment Officer
The Pas, MB
Tel: 204-623-9229

Dion McIvor
Recruitment Officer
Thompson, MB
Tel: 204-788-1455
J.A. Hildes Northern Medical Unit Kathy Harlos
Recruitment Officer
Tel: 204-789-3771
Winnipeg Regional Health Authority Nancy Green
Physician Recruitment Coordinator,
Recruitment & Medical Staff Administrative Services
Tel: 204-926-8037

WRHA Allied Health

WRHA Nursing

Interlake-Eastern Health Authority Lorri Beer
Regional Manager, Physician Services
Tel: 204-759-4516
Brianna Demchuk
Tel: 204-785-4702
Toll Free 1-855-347-8500
Prairie Mountain Health

Michelle McKay
Director Medical Services, Administration

Eileen Trott
Regional Manager - Recruitment
Tel: 204-578-4774
Southern Health -Santé Sud Shannon Noel
Physician Resource Coordinator
Tel: 204-424-6082
Julie Arnaud
Recruitment & Retention Officer
Tel: 204-428-2735 or
Santeé En Francais/Conseil communate en sante' du Manitoba (CCS) Lise Voyer
Recruitment & Careers Promotion Manager
Tel: 204-235-3294
Lise Voyer
Recruitment and Careers Promotion Manager
Tel: 204-235-3294