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Medical Laboratory Technology

Medical Laboratory Technologists (MLTs) are rewarded with competitive salaries and enjoy the freedom of choosing a pace of work that suits their career and lifestyle goals. In Manitoba there are many exciting career opportunities to work in across the province in both urban and rural health centres. In Manitoba, Medical Laboratory Technology is a regulated health profession and MLTs must meet eligibility criteria in order to work in this field. For Career Opportunities please visit Diagnostic Services Manitoba.

Regulatory Body and Registration

The Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS) is the national certifying body and national professional society for MLTs in al Canadian provinces and territories except Quebec. Everyone who wants to work as an MLT in Manitoba - both internationally educated MLTs and graduates of Canadian programs - must pass the CSMLS National Certification Examination. To be eligible to write exams, you must have graduated from a Canadian Medical Association accredited MLT program. The Manitoba Association of Medical Laboratory Science (MAMLS) is the local daughter of CSMLS.

The College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Manitoba (CMLTM) is the regulatory body for the profession of Medical Laboratory Technology in Manitoba. Membership with the CMLTM is a requirement to practice in Manitoba.

Internationally educated MLTs - including Canadians educated as MLTs in another country - must complete the CSMLS Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) process before they can write the National Certification Examination. The PLA process evaluates a candidate’s academic credentials, experiential/practical learning, professional development, and work history to determine if it is equivalent to Canadian standards. Other relevant sites: Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science.


Medical laboratory technology is a career choice for many health care students today. Manitoba is an ideal destination for MLTs from across Canada, North America, and the world. Here is a list of the educational institutions that offer MLT courses.

  • Red River College, Winnipeg
    204-632-2327, 1-800-903-7707 22 month program to obtain a diploma